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Welcome to Top Tier Bathworks! My name is Colton Thomas and I am the proud owner and operator of this company. I started remodeling bathrooms in October of 2015. 

In my free time I like to be adventurous. I take multiple trips each year to new places on my Harley with close friends. I enjoy spending time outdoors and taking in nature scenes. I love learning new things and connecting with people. I have a big heart and love helping people grow and overcome self struggles. 

Bathroom remodeling was a job I took up on a wim at first. I shortly came to realization that I received some satisfaction when the remodel was complete and the homeowner's dreams came to life. Being able to see the process from start to finish was highly rewarding. The cherry on top was when the homeowner expressed thier satisfaction with the transformation. After a few remodels, I realized that I have a real nack for completing remodels and bringing blueprints to life. 

My ultimate goal when remodeling is to please each and every homeowner with the pleasure of installing high quality work at the fraction of the cost of bigger remodel companies in town!  

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